Our company's mission is to offer consulting services, solutions and IT services customized for the western Romanian companies.


We offer these services to two type of companies:

  • Those who cannot justify the costs of hiring a person or an IT department
  • Those who have an IT department or person, and require additional consulting services and professional services for implementing complex projects.

Therefore, we help companies that don’t have experienced staff and the necessary IT knowledge, to reduce administrative and  IT projects implementation costs, by offering professional IT services, customized for the client’s requirements and infrastructure.

"We become the technician
or your internal
IT department!"

We work in the client’s interest, through optimizing costs with IT equipment, licensing system and ISP contracts. We offer consulting services in choosing and implementing ERP solutions.

Supplying our services by means of contract, we become the technician, manager or even IT department of our client.

We work with local companies, national companies with different work-points around the country, and multinational companies.

Social Networking = The usual name for the active interaction with the friends circle Web 2.0 on social networks like Facebook, Twitter or MySpace. More and more mobile phones have applications installed for the mobile usage of these web pages. Yet the functionality of these applications for the mobile phone is usually limited compared to a PC browser.
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