You can request a special audit for your company.

The goal of the audit is to generate a detailed report about your information's security, both from the inside and outside of the company, and identifying technical vulnerabilities.

The working stations, servers and communication network are verified from the operational point of view, and a detailed analysis is performed of the way the data is being saved.

"We ensure the data security as well as the good functioning of the IT equipments."


After the audit our specialists will recommend a series of measures that can lead to improving your company's productivity, measures that assure data security as well as measures that assure the well-function of the IT equipments.

  • The IT audit is a process of collecting informatic systems both hardware and software within a company, and from the client-IT services provider point of view it represents the first process that has to be realized
  • The audit allows your company to realize efficient management between the bussiness's specific requirements and the actual IT resources organization.
  • The audit process consists of checking the IT equipments (hardware and software) as well as their configurations
  • The IT audit involves checking the procedures and IT equipment exploiting policies and the necessary software, as well as an interview with the IT staff (in case it exists) or with the employees.

For any problem that occurs our specialists will find a fast and efficient solution.

HTTP / HTTPS = Through Hypertext Transport Protocol data is transferred from Internet sites. HTTPS appears in the address box of the browser if the page allows secured data transfer.
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