Internet connections

You have internet access yet the connection speed is very low, the system is working hard or you have no internet connection, then we can surely help you with the internet connection assitance service.

This service sonsists of diagnosting the connection and providing a solution to solve problmes. The causes can be due to hardware problems or software and can even target your internet provider. There is another category, that in which problems are caused by computing systems, connection equipments that are in the client area and ca be resolved on the spot.

Low internet speed?
All you need to do is communicate the problem to one of our specialists, and we will find the solution no matter the problem: 

  • Laptop or computer
  • Router
  • ISP
  • Settings

The answer can be any of the above but it takes experience to know for sure. Our specialists will identify the problem and will insist until they will find a solution.

Broadband = Broadband (wide band) is a high speed permanent connection, with a communications channel capacity fit for the data transmission.
IT Dictionary