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IT Strategy and the need of a well-made plan

First of all, what is an IT strategy?

This question always causes confusion. If we try to obtain answers from 5 people, we will surely have 5 different answers. One way that we could define IT Strategy is that it is an ongoing research process through which IT possibilities align with your company’s requirements

In order to plan an IT strategy that would increase the business’s productivity, it’s necessary to analyze your possibilities and take into account the company’s objectives. At the base of planning there are your business’s objectives, current possibilities and strategic planning. 

managerYour business’s objectives – let’s assume that you don’t have to think about technology at the moment, but only at your business’s objectives. Let’s say you want 40 new computers that would run the latest software, which is not particularly useful if you don’t know exactly for what you’re going to use them. After you’ve decided on what you want, we’re going to present the ideal IT solutions that will help fulfill your objectives. When choosing a solution we’ll select the perfect scenario which will be adjusted to your budget.

Actual possibilities – when you know where the business is going, we will help improve what you already have. For example we will make an inventory regarding the technological possibilities and will ask relevant questions like what systems do you want to keep and you consider that are vital to the business’s operation.

"At the base of planning there are
your business’s objectives,
current possibilities and strategic planning.

Strategic planning – in this stage we will establish how you want to develop on the course of 3-5 years. Together we will be establishing what technologies must be implemented in the future, such as how many new computers must be bought, what software you’ll need. We will establish a protection program through which we will implement your decisions taking under consideration all major factors such as time, budget and resources.

Firewall = This term defines an electronic mechanism, software or hardware, that monitors and blocks unauthorized traffic in a computer network. It acts as a barrier between computer networks in order to protect internal resources from intruders
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