IT Project Management

What is project management?

Project management is a way to adapt to change, a way to go from point A to point B. Maybe you have a project through which there must be new computers installed, or purchase new software for your employees. This is where we come in.

The advantages that you would have by using our Project Management service are:

  • Reducing costs. Costs are pretty high if you want to hire a Project Manager. You can reduce these costs through contacting our Project Managers, paying only the effective time spent on working on the project.
  • Objectivity. Our Project Managers will be oriented toward success and obtaining the established result. Let’s assume that you’re going to make a technology upgrade that would yield such performance that you have the possibility to reduce the number of employees in your company. If this project would reach the wrong people, then the end result would most certainly be changed. We are only success oriented
  • A better negotiation capability. Our IT Project Managers have worked on a variety of projects for different clients. As a result of many collaborations we have contracts with certain manufacturers that can help us negotiate terms that could be beneficial to your company.
  • High level of knowledge. Our IT Project Managers are up to date with the latest discoveries regarding project management methodology. Our interest is to be qualified for what we do and know the latest ways if seeing things. 
Open Source = Open Source Software represent programs of which source code is offered to the public. Anyone can take this code, with certain license limitations, in order to modify the program to suit own needs. The Open Source license defines also the way in which developers must publish the modified program.
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