Cloud Computing

Fastbit – Microsoft Cloud Partner

Microsoft released cloud computing with the goal of helping the clients make a step ahead regarding better business agility, costs and user experience. Cloud also represents an opportunity to redefine the role IT plays with implementing business strategies. Due to the impact to fundamentally change the way business is going, the IT solutions implemented in cloud can change the balance in your company's favor. 

Why choose Cloud computing?

  • Reduced costs: Cloud Computing reduces the IT infrastructure costs, equipment costs, licences and utilities and equipment storage space and costs.
  • Protection and saferty: your data will be stored securely in a datacenter so that you don't have to worry about the problems that might occur in a server room
  • Scalability: you have at your disposal as much power as needed. The benefit is that you don't have to acquire hardware systems or software licences for the different projects, and when you no longer need it they don't have to be stored anywhere.

"The IT solutions implemented in cloud

can change the balance in your company's favor."

  • Easy to implement: We help implement cloud services, and you focus on generating value to your company.
  • Remote Acces: acces and updating your information can be made from anywhere by the employees, partners and company clients without the need to be at the office.
  • Customise: your company can select what is neccesary, when it is neccesary and use these instruments as pleased. In Cloud we can choose to run a mail server, intranet or CRM, and email marketing tools.
  • Response time: in some scenarios Cloud offers better response time then a standalone server.
Streaming = Continuous data transfer.
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