Desktop virtualization

Desktop virtualization solutions, reccomendations and support

With the desktop virtualization we can host all of the user's applications with a data center unlike the classic variant in which each application was on a user's phisical machine, it is aimed to give the IT better control over applications and their configurations. Backups, instalations, patches can be made more easy with more trust without the need of user intervention.

For companies with several offices, centralized desktops give better desktop and applications management, all within the data center. Also we can make upgrades, we can make and maintain backup copies. For greater safety on these virtual desktops it is possible to make upgrades, and also make and maintain backups to be as much as possible protected.

We offer desktop virtualization solutions which consist in the analysis of the current situation and can make a set of reccomendations and you can also benefit for postimplementation support.

Operating system = Is the program that allows you to use your computer and coordinates its internal functions. The mose common operating systems are Macintosh, Windows, UNIX, Linux.
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