Professional Storage

Sharing and securing data

Taking under consideration the environment we currently live in and the large flow of circulating information, it is important to know that the information is protected. In order to perform our work, the data must be secure, must be easily accessible and malleable. Data security has become vital in the structure of any company and takes an important part in the operational budget of the companies.

Regarding storage we can offer:

  • Data security systems
  • Management software that is integrated with virtualization platforms, messaging systems, database systems
  • Protection software
  • Remote replication for Disaster Recovery
  • Data storage equipment (SAN, NAS)
  • Guaranteed support services and hardware replacement
  • Fast intervention in 2h, 4h, NBD

We offer implementation and maintenance for:

  • Dynamic LUN and volume creation which can be resized without disrupting the access to data
  • Databases (Oracle, MS SQL, SAP), messaging and collaboration systems (MS Exchange and Sharepoint)



"Data security has become vital

in the structure of any company"

  • Deduplication solutions for primary data, and integration in the backup and archiving processes
  • Integration with management consoles for Hypervisor (Vmware vSphere and Microsoft HyperV)
  • SAN Connectivity with Fiber Channel, iSCSI, FCoE, as well as NAS Connectivity using CIFS abd NFS
  • Multipatching configuration for host acces, volume integration with Active Directory, snapshot activation

WAN and LAN replication solutins.

USB = It represents a serial communication standard specific to personal computers. Through USB ports there can be connected a wide range of external equipment such as mouse, keyboard, portable memory, TV tuners, sound cards and the list can go on. At the beginning the standard offered a maximum bandwidth of 12 Mb/s, speed which went up to 480 Mb/s once USB 2.0 was introduced, and 5Gb/s once USB 3.0 was introduced.
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