VPN Solutions

VPN: the best option for data security

In case you have doubts regarding the security of you information and data then surely VPN is the best option.

Virtual Private Networking (VPN) uses cryptographyto segment the data so that they will be illegible while circulation on the internet. VPN allows your bussiness to offer secure and encrypted connectivity for the employees who need to travel for work, also to other offices who are in different locations and need access to vital network resources for the company such as email, intranet resources and network drives.

"Connectivity and safety for you bussiness."

What are the advantages of using VPN?

  • Scalability: if your bussiness is in a continuous expansion then surely you will need more mobile employees, secured connections with the partners
  • Security: different security technologies like encryption, authentification or IPSec protect your data on the internet
  • Cost reduction: the costs of a virtual private network are reduced compared to those of a proprietary private network by lowering the network operating costs (administrators, equipments)
  • Mobility: employees who travel can connect to the company's network no matter where they are, in a secured way thanks to the VPN who encrypts the data.
Hot Spot = Wireless Internet acces point. The physical location where the Wi-Fi service or 802.11b is available for the internet users.
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